Heatless Hairstyling Kit

The ultimate heatless curling kit! Within 30 seconds of effort, CharlieCurls Heatless Hairstyling Kit will make your hair look stunning!

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Getting gorgeous hair naturally is easier than ever! CharlieCurls creates beautiful, no heat curls and waves with as little as 30 seconds of effort. For women and children of all ages and all hair types.

Includes 1 CharlieCurl in the color of your choice, 1 "Magic" Mister, and 1 Non-Static Wooden Comb
Works for all hair types
No electricity or heat required
Safe and fun for all ages
Fits in your pocket or purse
Made of durable materials, no plastics used
Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty

Join The 1,000s Of Women Who Are Loving CharlieCurls!

Works for all hair types!


Women Owned

Lifetime Guarantee

Traditional Curlers Vs. CharlieCurls

Traditional Curlers


CharlieCurls Makes You Look Great Even When It's In Your Hair!

Explore the different CharlieCurls styles for all different hair types.

Traditional Roll Method

Use the Traditional roll for great volume along with your curls or waves. It is also great for sleeping because it is on top of your head and doesn’t disturb pillow positions.

Low Bun Roll Method

Great for wearing out in public! Looks like a beautiful bun and can be worn at the nape of the neck or rather high on the head.  Gives a straighter top section with curls and waves at the ends.

Unicorn Roll Method

The Unicorn variation can be used with any of the rolling methods and helps 1) reduce frizz  3) keep layers in place to roll  3) can produce mermaid style waves with right technique and moisture.

Using CharlieCurls Is Easy!

Simply follow the steps below and you’ll have beautiful curls in no time!

Spritz hair lightly with water for best results.

Having formed the CharlieCurl into an oval with handles: flip head upside down as grip hair into a ponytail on top of your head.

Put hair into the oval at the top of the ponytail. Squeeze oval together to create tension, then slide toward the ends of the hair.

As you reach the ends of your hair, begin rolling toward the back of your head. Take care to tuck the ends carefully.

Roll to the top of your head, gathering layers as you go.

Twist the ends of your CharlieCurl together at the top of your head to form a bun. Wait 30 minutes to overnight before unrolling.

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